TweakMo is an alternative App store that brings you hundreds of tweaked apps, themes and extensions on your non jailbroken iDevice. If you really want to go beyond Apple's offerings and yet reluctant or afraid to go for a jailbreak, TweakMo is the only solution.

(Try with Safari on iOS)

TweakMo gives you free jailbreak apps under free membership category for iOS lovers to experience their iOS device in a new way. It also comes under three membership offerings. Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each membership brings amazing features and value additions. If there is anyone who would really love them, can go for the memberships to get more tweaked apps, themes or extensions by just donating few dollars.


How to Install TweakMo ?

Step 1 :

Tap "Install TweakMo Jailbreak" button.

click TweakMo installer

Step 2 :

Tap "Install TweakMo" Button.

compatibility check

Step 3 :

When you tap the "Install Now" button, a pop up will appear on the screen asking "This website is trying to open Setting to show you a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?". Tap "Allow".

Installing TweakMo

Step 4 :

When you submit the "Allow" option from the popup screen, you will be redirected to install the Profile. Here you can see the app is signed by the "" and there is a link named "Install" available next to the Install Profile heading which is placed on the top of the screen. Tap on that "Install" link.

Authorizing TweakMo

Step 5 :

After tap on the Install link you will be asked for the passcode and enter your correct passcode here to authorize the installation.

Entering Passcode

Step 6 :

After completing the steps 1 to 5 correctly, you will be able to find the TweakMo Jailbreak App Installer on your home screen.

TweakMo installed in home page

Step 7 :

Thats it. Now you can use the TweakMo : Jailbreak App Installer to install jailbreak apps on your iPhone or iPad.

TweakMo App Installer

TweakMo Offerings


TweakMo is compatible with almost all the iOS versions. It in a way personalizes your iDevice enabling you to have modified/tweaked social media apps, Games, entertainment related apps etc. And the most interesting thing is, none of the TweakMo users will get certificate issues with the app.

Below are hacked social media apps which have unlocked premium contents and additional functionalities than original apps.

Tinder++ Tinder++ Unlocked premium features, Unlimited Super Likes
Instagram ++ Instagram++ Allow media sharing and downloads, Appearance enhancements, Media viewing enhancements
Facebook ++ Facebook++ In-app messenger, Timestamp for every message, Download videos
Whatsapp ++ Whatsapp++ Stealth Mode: Hide last seen and online status, Set passcode/ touch ID, Disable read receipts
Twitter ++ Twitter++ Share links and images from tweets, Directly share tweets outside the twitter, Download Youtube videos from twitter
YouTube ++ YouTube++ Background playback, Video downloads, In-app web browser, Disable age restrictions
Snapchat++ Snapchat++ Spoof Locations, Increase record strength, Set custom notification sounds
Pandora++ Pandora++ No advertisements, High quality stream, Unrestricted country, No 180 minutes timeout

Apart from those so called apps and extensions, UDID registration is given to all the Platinum Members so that your device will be identified by our backend systems as a TweakMo loyalty customer who will benefit in our later updates and products.


TweakMo: A Cydia Alternative?

We all are aware that there is no compatible Cydia for iOS 11 versions yet. It is reported that a compatible Cydia would soon be there in the jailbreak community as per the remarks of Cydia creator. Meantime there is lot of hush hush of Cydia being dead. What exactly is there to keep trust on? Should I wait and see or choose the best safe way possible to enjoy it?

To have Cydia, your device truly must be in the jailbroken status. But with TweakMo it's no longer a matter. That means you can have those apps even without jailbreaking your device. Therefore, TweakMo remains as a good alternative option for Cydia.


TweakMo as a Jailbreak Method

TweakMo offers jailbreak tools for your iOS devices to be jailbroken easily. So you can also name it as a Jailbreak Store if you wish to. As per the TweakMo developing team, they have also planned to upload future jailbreak tools in TweakMo as it is released.

Currently Available Jailbreak Tools

  • LiberiOS (iOS 11- 11.1.2)
  • h3lix Jailbreak (iOS 10.3.3)
  • G0blin Jailbreak (iOS 10.3.3) (64 bit)
  • Meridian Jailbreak (iOS 10.3.3)
  • Yalu Jailbreak (iOS 10.2)
  • Fracture JB (iOS 10.1.1)
  • Mach_Portal + yalu b3 (iOS 10.1.1)
  • Phoenix (iOS 9.3.5) (32 bit)
  • Pangu (iOS 9.3.3)

Why You Should Go for TweakMo?

  • No certificate issues
  • Lets you use jailbroken apps, themes and extensions without jailbreaking
  • Acts as a Cydia alternative
  • Apple's approval on TweakMo, therefore no fear over warranty voidance
  • Value for money
  • 24x7 support via technical team
  • Gives you UDID registration via Platinum Membership