Keen Jailbreak for iOS 11

iOS 11 beta 1 developer version was released along with the WWDC 17 at San Jose on 05th June. It only took about three weeks for developers to develop a Jailbreak solution / Jailbreak tool for iOS 11. A group of security researchers from Keen Labs lead by Lian Cheng has demonstrated jailbreak for iOS 11 at the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) at Shanghai. They were exhibit Jailbreaking of following iOS versions at the MOSEC.

  • iOS 11 beta 2 on iPhone 7
  • iOS 10.3.2 on iPhone 7
  • iOS 10.3.2 on iPhone 6


Keen team has released a video of jailbreaking process they were done at MOSEC 2017.

Release Date of the Keen Jailbreak

As the iOS 11 is still in beta stages (At the moment iOS 11 developer beta 8 and public beta 7), it is unlikely that Keen Team will release the Jailbreak before the public release of iOS 11. Because as we know, beta versions were supposed to be cracked so that Apple can fix those bugs before the public release. Therefore we can't expect to see any Jailbreak for iOS 11 before the public release which is scheduled for coming September.

But if they don't reveal the bugs to Apple and if Apple didn't already patch them, we can hope that they will release a Jailbreak soon after the public release of iOS 11.

About Keen Team

Keen Logo

Keen team is a well known security research group in the community. They are conducting security researches on operating systems, IOT, cloud computing and smart devices. They were trying to build a Jailbreak tool for iOS 9 at the time it released with collaboration of Pangu and Taig. But as those teams were not supported them, they were unable to release a Jailbreak tool but they released Android PingPong Root Tool for Samsung Galaxy S6.

When Will be the Release of iOS 11?
04th September, 2017
05th September, 2017
11th September, 2017
18th September, 2017
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