iOS 12 Jailbreak

iOS 12 jailbreak, not the most popular phrase at the time. But it’ll be soon with the release of iOS 12. Cydia download with jailbreak IPA and a computer was available for iOS 11 with Electra jailbreak for free and we are hoping the same for iOS 12. However, as Houdini semi jailbreak was a success for iOS 11.4, it would be available as Houdini for iOS 12 as well.

(Try with Safari)

Install iOS 12 Developer Beta without Spending $99

iOS 12 Developer beta 1 is now available for registered Apple developers. An Apple developer account will cost you $99 annually. Is it worth the price, just to check awesome features of iOS 12 before the public release? Well, you don’t have to. TweakMo offers iOS 12 developer beta installation for quite a low price.

Not only that. TweakMo offers arrays of jailbreak tools, jailbreak apps and jailbreak tweaks to suit your device which can be downloaded and installed using IPA method with the help of a PC and Cydia Impactor or online (no computer) method. And TweakMo supports iOS 12 beta as well. If you are amazed with what TweakMo has to offer, you can choose the package which suits you the best.

iOS 12

It’s known from the beginning that Apple is considering this as a Stability and Performance based update so that we were not expecting tons of new features as we have seen with iOS 11 release. Any how, iOS 12 will contain some fascinating features as they have confirmed in WWDC18. Let’s have a look for yourself.

  • Performance Upgrade : iOS 12 will boost your iDevice
  • Group FaceTime : 32 users simultaneously and you can use video filters, Animoji or newly introduced Memoji
  • Memoji : Represnt yourself in a new digital identity. Create yourself as an Animoji to become digital you, Memoji
  • New Animojis : 4 new Animijis introduced. Coala, T-Rex, Ghost and Tiger. Also Animoji (and Memoji) can now recognize when you stuck out your tongue or wink
  • Notifications : App based group notifications
  • Siri : Advanced version of Siri and new Shortcuts app for app integrations with Siri
  • CarPlay : CarPlay will support third party navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze
  • AR kit 2.0 : Advanced AR experience which can shared for multiple parties real time
  • Privacy and Security : Safari will prevent websites from tracking you

Isn’t this great? If iOS 12 is jailbreakable, possibilities with your device will be endless.

iOS 12 Jailbreak Possibilities

Well, it’s been quite a time since last jailbreak release. Latest jailbreak is Electra jailbreak for iOS 11 - iOS 11.1.2 at the moment. However, as there are some news regarding iOS 11.2 - iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak we are certain that iOS 12 jailbreak will not be easy as is seems. Because Apple is fighting back with their full strength to minimize the chance of failures in their iOS systems. It’s the reason they are planning to release iOS 12 as a stability and performance focused update. With these odds, Electra jailbreak for iOS 12 is the only light for the jailbreak community.

Electra Jailbreak for iOS 12

CoolStar is the creator of the famous Electra jailbreak. Electra is the only jailbreak which supports Cydia for iOS 11 and later versions. CoolStar released Electra for iOS 11 - iOS 11.1.2 with the help of exploits revealed by Google Project Zero’s Ian Beer. Recently Ian Beer released exploits for iOS 11.3.1 and CoolStar is developing a jailbreak tool for iOS 11.3.1. Therefore, Electra will play a huge role in iOS 12 jailbreak too as it seems.

iOS 12 Jailbreak News

Developer betas are meant to be hacked. Same goes for the iOS 12 developer betas. News feeds will be flooded with iOS 12 jailbreak news as the developer beta released. Then Apple can fix those bugs and release an almost bug free public software. However, we will get to you with the latest news as it happens. Keep in touch.

iOS 12 Jailbreak with Houdini Jailbreak

Abraham Masri, the creator of Houdini semi jailbreak tweeted a photo of Houdini jailbreak running on iOS 12 device.

However, as this is the iOS 12 developer beta 1, the bug will not survive until the public release.