What is TweakMo?

TweakMo is an alternative App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod running on iOS 11 which you can use to install jailbreak apps on your non jailbroken iOS devices. There are several tweaked social media apps, hacked games and many other apps available in TweakMo. Visit http://yalujailbreak.com/11/ for installation guide and to install TweakMo.

TweakMo Free App Installer is available as mobile, web and PC apps. You can use either method to install jailbreak apps on your iOS 11 devices for free of charge. TweakMo free app installer allows you to install maximum 10 no(s) of iOS 11 jailbreak apps without any cost. But if you are looking for more jailbreak apps, you can become a Premium Member of TweakMo and install unlimited apps on your iDevice.

What TweakMo Brings to your iDevice

iOS 11 consists some great jailbreak features copied directly from jailbreak community. iOS 11 is bundled with cool new features, but still there are space left for great jailbreak apps on iOS 11.

Jailbreak for iOS 11 is not available, but you can install jailbreak apps without jailbreaking your iOS 11 device, using TweakMo.

Below are hacked social media apps which have unlocked premium contents and additional functionalities than original apps.

Tinder++ Tinder++ Unlocked premium features, Unlimited Super Likes
Instagram ++ Instagram++ Allow media sharing and downloads, Appearance enhancements, Media viewing enhancements
Facebook ++ Facebook++ In-app messenger, Timestamp for every message, Download videos
Whatsapp ++ Whatsapp++ Stealth Mode: Hide last seen and online status, Set passcode/ touch ID, Disable read receipts
Twitter ++ Twitter++ Share links and images from tweets, Directly share tweets outside the twitter, Download Youtube videos from twitter
YouTube ++ YouTube++ Background playback, Video downloads, In-app web browser, Disable age restrictions
Snapchat++ Snapchat++ Spoof Locations, Increase record strength, Set custom notification sounds
Pandora++ Pandora++ No advertisements, High quality stream, Unrestricted country, No 180 minutes timeout

Not only social media apps, but there are thousands of apps with various categories such as Games and Entertainment can be installed to iOS 11 devices without jailbreaking using TweakMo.

Also, there are some jailbreak tweaks which can not be used without actually jailbreaking the device. Therefore, many users waiting for iOS 11 jailbreak, so that they can use these amazing features with the latest iOS version.

What Lacks in iOS 11?

The most featured jailbreak applications such as Activator, CleverPin is not yet integrated to iOS 11 ,hence there is a need of iOS 11 Jailbreak. If one can jailbreak iOS 11, they can get following iOS 11 jailbreak features to the iOS 11 running device. Let's discuss the most rated jailbreak features which can add more value to iOS 11.



VideoPane allows you to continue working in the background while video plays in a floating window which can be placed anywhere. This allows users to easy multitasking while playing the video. iOS 11 inbuilt video player does not support this feature, but a jailbroken iOS 11 will help you to get these type of features.



Kodi is a free and open-source media center, which is available for iPhone and iPad. It offers various types of media types and live streams. Kodi, previously available to jailbroken devices, but later it was available for non jailbroken devices as well. So you can get this on iOS 11 with Jailbreak App Installer.



This app triggers a custom action for a certain gesture or a user input such as pressing a button or a three pinch. The Activator is quite powerful, you can use it to trigger actions using text messages which could be beneficial in case of a lost phone. Activator feature is also not inbuilt in iOS 11, So there is a motivation for iOS 11 users to jailbreak their iOS 11 running devices.



As the stock iOS devices only make space for 4 apps on the dock, harbor can make it more than 4 on your iOS 11 running device. Also the custom animations of the Harbor brings macOS like feeling for the iOS devices with jailbroken iOS 11.


Call Recorder

Stock iPhone lacks the ability to record an ongoing call. CallRecorder can record voice calls, FaceTime and many more. Also, it features to save call records and upload directly to Google Drive or Dropbox in iOS 11 with the power of Jailbreak in iOS 11.



CallBar is a feature which makes multitasking way more easier. CallBar allows users to continue working with the device even the user is on a call. iOS 11 does not come with a default feature for recording calls.


Note Creator

This can trigger with Activator to create notes whenever you need it. Even if you are using another app you can use NoteCreator top of it. If you jailbreak your iOS 11 running device, you can get this feature for 100% free with Cydia.



CleverPin allows you to disable your security passcode in a trustworthy situation such as, when you connect to home wifi or listening to music using a bluetooth headset. This support iOS 11 users to continue their tasks with ease without typing the pin each and every time. This can be listed as great feature of iOS 11 Jailbreak



SwipeSelection is an awesome tweak that enables text selection easier and more accurate. Using SwipeSelection, just swipe through the default keyboard to do text selection and much more.



Use BioProtect to secure apps or folders in your iOS device. While opening an app, BioProtect will prompt you for the finger tip authentication, which will help you protect your privacy in iOS 11.



Springtomize is a popular jailbreak tweak use to customize various aspects of iOS. This app can change the dock, default animations and stock app icons so that iOS experience can change in a way lot better even in iOS 11.

Jailbreak App Alternatives for iOS 11

Now the question raised, are there jailbreak app alternatives available for non jailbroken iOS 11 devices? The answer is both YES and NO. There are some jailbreak apps you can install to non jailbroken devices while some require jailbreaking. Reason is jailbreaking escalate the root privilege to the iOS system. So that the apps that need root access to the system works like a charm when the device is jailbroken.

Feature Lacks in iOS 11 Alternative Availability
VideoPane VideoPane requires jailbreaking. Visit http://cydia.saurik.com/package/com.rpetrich.videopane/ to find VideoPane on Cydia repositories. It'll cost just $1.99
Kodi Kodi can be installed to non jailbroken devices using TweakMo.
Activator Activator requires jailbreaking. Visit http://cydia.saurik.com/package/libactivator/ to find Activator on Cydia repositories. It is free to download and use.
Harbor Harbor requires jailbreaking. Visit http://cydia.saurik.com/package/com.eswick.harbor/ to find Harbor on Cydia repositories. It'll cost just $0.99
Call Recorder Different types of Call Recorder apps with various functions are available at TweakMo.
CallBar CallBar requires jailbreaking. Visit http://cydia.saurik.com/package/org.thebigboss.callbar/ to find CallBar on Cydia repositories. It'll cost just $3.99
NoteCreator NoteCreator requires jailbreaking. Visit http://cydia.saurik.com/package/isklikas.notescreator/ to find NoteCreator on Cydia repositories. It is free to download and use.
CleverPin CleverPin requires jailbreaking. Visit http://cydia.saurik.com/package/com.filippobiga.cleverpin/ to find NoteCreator on Cydia repositories. It'll cost just $1.99
SwipeSelection SwipeSelection requires jailbreaking. Visit http://cydia.saurik.com/package/com.iky1e.swipeselection/ to find SwipeSelection on Cydia repositories. It is free to download and use.
BioProtect BioProtect requires jailbreaking. Visit http://cydia.saurik.com/package/net.limneos.bioprotect/ to find NoteCreator on Cydia repositories. It'll cost just $2.99
Springtomize Springtomize requires jailbreaking. Visit http://cydia.saurik.com/package/com.filippobiga.springtomize3/ to find NoteCreator on Cydia repositories. It'll cost just $2.99