iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak

iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak tool H3lix released for all 32-bit devices and G0blin and Meridian jailbreak tools released for 64-bit devices. Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 running iDevices using the latest jailbreak tools H3lix, G0blin or Meridian using TweakMo online jailbreak method without a computer. Tap the button below and start the jailbreak.

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(Try using SAFARI on iDevice)
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How to Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3? (H3lix Jailbreak / G0blin Jailbreak / Meridian Jailbreak)

TweakMo updated for iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak. Now you can jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices running iOS 10.3.3 using H3lix jailbreak, G0blin jailbreak or Meridian jailbreak. You can jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 devices using TweakMo with a few easy steps. Also, even without an iOS 12 jailbreak, you can install jailbreak apps on iOS 12 with TweakMo. Just follow the step guide below.

Step 1 :

Open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and visit
(iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak Page)

opening safari

Step 2 :

Tap "Install TweakMo Jailbreak" button.

click TweakMo installer

Step 3 :

Tap "Install TweakMo" Button.

compatibility check

Step 4 :

When you tap the "Install Now" button, a pop up will appear on the screen asking “This website is trying to open Setting to show you a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?”. Tap “Allow”.

Installing TweakMo

Step 5 :

When you submit the “Allow” option from the popup screen, you will be redirected to install the Profile. Here you can see the app is signed by the "" and there is a link named "Install" available next to the Install Profile heading which is placed on the top of the screen. Tap on that "Install" link.

Authorizing TweakMo

Step 6 :

After tap on the Install link you will be asked for the passcode and enter your correct passcode here to authorize the installation.

Entering Passcode

Step 7 :

After completing the steps 1 to 7 correctly, you will be able to find the TweakMo Jailbreak App Installer on your home screen.

TweakMo installed in home page

Step 8 :

That's it. Head to Jailbreak Apps category and install H3lix Jailbreak / G0blin Jailbreak / Meridian Jailbreak.

TweakMo App Installer

iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak News

Users were eagerly waiting for a iOS 10.3.3 untethered jailbreak tool. but, the released jailbreak tools were semi-untethered jailbreak tools which means you have to re-jailbreak the device every time you reboot the device. It's a good choice for an extent, because users can enjoy the benefit of jailbreak while maintaining their stock firmware in case of warranty violation. TweakMo has updated to offer iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak solutions to use as online jailbreak method. But, we have provided the links to official sites below so that you can directly download the IPA and install using Cydia Impactor.

H3lix Jailbreak

H3lix is a jailbreak tool for all 32-bit iDevices and according to the release notes, it'll support iOS 10.x devices. But, as iOS 10.3.3 is the last iOS 10 update, many users stuck at iOS 10.3.3 waiting for a jailbreak. Even at this point we believe that iOS 10.3.3 is a stable version than latest version of iOS 11 and therefore it's worth a shot. If you are familiar with Cydia Impactor method, you can visit H3lix official site to download IPA.

G0blin Jailbreak

Goblin jailbreak, iOS 10.3.x jailbreak tool for 64-bit devices is a product of Sticktron, a Canadian iOS developer. This jailbreak supports iDevice models prior to iPhone 7 (A7 - A9) with iOS versions 10.3, 10.3.1, 10.3.2 and 10.3.3. You can visit G0blin GitHub repo or G0blin official site for more details on supported devices and download IPA, if you need to use computer method jailbreak.

Meridian Jailbreak

@iBSparkes released the Meridian jailbreak for iOS 10.x running all 64-bit devices including iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Therefore, if your device is not in the supported devices list of G0blin, you can try this without a second thought. You can download IPA file from official site to use with Cydia Impactor.

As we have introduce an online method for h3lix jailbreak, G0blin jailbreak and Meridian jailbreak, we will update the TweakMo for upcoming jailbreaks too. Keep in touch with us.